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The Grizzle Grind Anniversary Show Recap

It was a big day out for the GGC boys and after all, it was their first Ann1versary.

Having come a long way, these boys paid their dues to come this far.

 Charles Enero showing off his vocal skills, after all, he is also the winner of the NEA song writing contest.

We haven't seen Lineath perform for quite a while and dayummm, this guy can move the crowd!

Here's a fantastic shot by @timothysimwj 

We also had the amazing Sam Willows doing a set for the crowd.


Interview - Meet the Grizzle Grind Crew

This is the week that the Grizzle Grind Crew has dropped their much anticipated MV and this Saturday 29th Mar 2014 is their big day. 

But how many of you actually know about the Grizzle Grind Crew?

Here's the lowdown as we speak to the boys.


FLMP (Flesh Imp) : So it’s been a year for Grizzle Grind Crew, props for that! What has happened in the year that was most significant for you boys?

GGC ( ShiGGa Shay) : A lot of events have taken place over the year and we’ve been really blessed to progress and grow...