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David + Andrew = The Fung Brothers

Posted on January 10 2018

He ain't heavy, he's my brother.

The Fung Brothers have been versatile in their YouTube journey. From sneakers to food, to basketball, almost anything can be a topic in their videos. Made up of blood brothers David B Fung and Andrew J Fung, their style of getting on-ground feedback and getting suggestions from fans and friends alike have that collaborative appeal like no other. Always seem larger than life on screen, it's only when you meet them, that you feel that these guys are really friendly and just want to perfect their craft.

We managed to meet again last month and guess what, they are getting stronger and better, and definitely wiser.


David: Ortiz Bomber Jacket, Ryan Oversized Tee, Yondu Berms

Andrew: Dual Bomber Jacket, Snake Tee, Heike Jogger Pants

Flesh Imp // FI

Fungbros // FB

FI : Tell us, what's up with Fungbros?

FB : The Fung Brothers are a comedy duo from Seattle, WA, USA.  We've been making videos on YouTube for about 6.5 years and talk about a variety of topics - usually it's still always funny but really expanding into a whole bunch of lifestyle stuff as well.

Badges Tee, Heike Jogger Pants

FI : You have been moving around for the past few months/years, what were you trying to achieve during that time

FB: We've been skipping across the world for the past 2 years, NYC to Seattle to Hong Kong to LA and now back to NYC.  We've probably been to like...10 different countries in the past 2 years.  I mean, I think there was definitely some uneasiness about staying in one spot and maybe it wasn't the smartest business decision but for sure we're surely settling in NYC now.

FI : Would you say Youtube brought you guys to where you are today? Do you see yourself evolve to something else?

FB : For sure YouTube brought us to this point.  But I think the sky is the limit in the future.  We're just scratching the surface of what we can do.  

Flame Strapback

FI : From the messages you have been putting out, we see that you like the challenge social norms and thought provoking questions, we like that, but what are you looking for?

FB : I just want to spark discussions.  Obviously just asking questions can't really change the world, masses of people have to do that.  But who is even going to get the door cracked open?  Everyone plays a role in a chain of events.  I guess we're just some fire-starters haha.  And we hope to do that in an entertaining and useful way.

FI : You are pretty tight with Jeremy Lin, how did that come about? You guys knew each other before?

FB : We actually got introduced to J. Lin through AJ Raphael and I gotta give a shout out to him for that.  But we had been following his story even back in college.  Of course as fellow kids from a 'stereotypical academic Chinese family but seriously loved basketball', I felt like I was almost seeing my own story in his.  Except instead of getting cut from varsity he made it to the NBA haha.  He's injured right now but I wish him the absolute best.  It feels like that's my cousin out there.

Ring Blue Sweater

FI : You guys are known sneakerheads, Describe your fashion style.

FB : Oh man, for me (David) it's definitely more sportswear.  I like NikeLab, NSW, KITH, Adidas, BAPE, stuff that athletes can fit and wear.  Andrew's definitely skinnier so he's got a more prototypical fashion build, so he can do all the ultra-distressed Fear of God/Yeezy stuff if he wants.  But just because most skinny Asians wear Yeezy 350's, it doesn't mean he's going to fit into that.  You might see him in some Concord Jordan XI's just to let people know that we come originally from the hoops streetball culture.

FI : If you are compared to a piece of apparel, and sneaker what would you be, and why

FB : Oh man, right now we'd be like Aime, Pigalle, KITH, something like that haha.  A sneaker would be like...The KAWS 4 in either grey or black.  Cuz we're understated but trust - we about to do something big.

FI : Any shout outs to people out there.

FB : Man, shout out to everyone who supported.  I support everyone too.  I want to see good people win.  It's tough, there's so many factors outside of our control in life.  But we just do what we can being guided by our value system.  Much love to Singapore, ya'll showed us so much love and we want to show that back!

Editor's Note:

When the Fung Bros visited couple years back, what struck me was their fervour and enthusiasm in making good videos, quality stuff that weren't stereotypical and a good representation of Asians in general. While born and raised in America, these brothers have a strong Asian pride and is always in a state of provoking thoughts about social norms. 

Always pushing the envelope and stepping out of their comfort zones, these brothers are definitely trailblazing the YouTube scene. With sights set on world domination, I am not surprised that while they progress way ahead of their time, they never forget their Asian origins and have a respectable arsenal of knowledge about their roots and the way Asian youths think and act.

And yes, the next time you see them on the streets of Singapore, don't forget to show them some love, cos they readily love you back.



Nicholas: Garter Tee, Damon Denim Jeans


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