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Posted on October 26 2017

Coming Of Age : Derrick Hoh 

Most of you should know our favourite prince of Mandopop Derrick Hoh and how he has helped shape the local scene with his infectious songs with hits like Forever amongst others. 

It has been awhile since we caught up with him properly since we first met back in 2008, and well, here we go.

Flesh Imp // FI

Derrick Hoh // DH

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               FI : Hello Derrick, let us know a little more about who you are and what's up these days?

DH : I'm a Singaporean singer-songwriter, actor, director based in Taiwan, and I'm working on my next single and also busy writing some songs for many other recording artistes at the moment.

FI : It looks like you have not only matured in terms of your singing career, and gotten into production and also, you just did a concert last month, and from the looks of it, it was lit!  

DH : The theme was "Back to 19", and the idea was to bring my fans back to where I started. I shared some experiences I had over the years. Most of which I'd never shared before.

FI : Wow, this must have brought you and your fans closer.

DH : I'm sure the fans got to know me more after the concert. It was an extremely intimate affair. I cried and so did they.

FI : Sounds like an emotional affair, but I am sure it was  Being in the industry to almost 10? years, how do you feel having seen the ups and downs of the music scene?
The landscape had changed so much over the years but I feel good, to be honest. Especially if you are talking about the local music scene in Singapore. The internet had helped tremendously in bringing out raw talents. Now we just need to build a healthy environment to sustain these acts.

FI : There seems to be a trend in singing competitions for the past few years, both in China and Malaysia, what are your thoughts? 

DH : Many producers had approached us over the years and we'd turned down those requests. Although I'm one who benefitted from a reality singing competition myself, I'd always find it impossible to judge great singers especially towards the end of the show of every season. By then what's left will be contestants with their phenomenal voice representing different genres. It's like saying my religion is better than yours, it sounds wrong. These shows are more like fantastic performing platforms to me, towards the finals everyone is a winner.

FI : It is very true especially for the competing on different genres. I guess it really depends on what happens after the contest that makes the difference. As an artiste, you need to be always versatile in terms of styling, describe your fashion style, is there an 'onscreen Derrick' and 'off-screen Derrick'?

DH : I feel on-screen and off-screen Derrick are beginning to merge recently. I tend to be more laidback when I'm offscreen so lately, I tend to be rather laid back on-screen as well in terms of style. I usually request very comfortable clothes from my stylist nowadays. I guess that's what happens when you start to be more comfortable about yourself.

FI : Talking about comfortable clothes, if you are compared to a piece of apparel, what would you be, and why?

DH : I'll say a sweatshirt. Warm and fuzzy, and always making sure you are covered!

FI : Perfect! lastly, any shout outs and advice for aspiring artistes?

DH : The world is yours for the taking nowadays, and I know being in this industry can be lonely and tough sometimes, but when life gives you lemons, add them into your gin and tonic and make merry!

Editor's note

I knew Derrick probably right after he won the singing competition. We were introduced by  mutual friend and I remember him fresh faced, earnest and sincere. We met at our store in Wisma and I remembered asking him to autograph a cap for me. His answer was classic. ' C'mon, please, we are friends, no need!" 

Such is the display of realness and humility. Eventually, he did autographed a cap for display at the store. :p

The next few years saw Derrick busy with his promos and concerts in Taiwan. Other than the occasional hellos at events and gala premieres, I never really had the chance to speak to this long time friend for a long long time.

Earlier this year, I managed to catch hold of him and planned a proper session with him and to see how we can work together again. And I was amazed of how much progress that he has made and the maturity that came with the experiences that he has gone through. Without losing that spark in his passion when we first spoke, Derrick has elevated his game from an artiste to someone that knows how to keep himself relevant and increase his value in this fast paced industry.

Moving seamlessly between the front and behind the scenes, Derrick puts his expertise as a singer-songwriter to good use. Adding acting to his multi talented repertoire, I can sense his excitement of bigger things to come as he speaks about how he plans to change the game in Singapore with ideas and concepts that he has encountered during his many overseas stints.

With his concert just wrapped up not too long ago, he related his emotional moment where he celebrated his journey with his fans who have gone through thick and thin with him. I look forward to the day where his ventures into China will reap him awesome results and how he can finally bring his fans from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and South East Asia all onto one location or platform in time to come.

Here's to big things!





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