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Posted on September 17 2017

Utt - The VJ that that never ages.

Our favorite VJ landed in town and we managed to catch this real life Peter Pan for a quick chat on what's going on these days.

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FI : Who doesn't know Utt, probably the most well known VJ of our time, but tell us something about yourself.

UTT : Hi everyone I am Utt and I am Thai-Chinese / American and I am an actor, host and a producer!

FI : You spent quite a bit of time in Singapore during your MTV days, how was it?

UTT : MTV was a great experience I worked with the Music Channel when Music Television was big before we were hit with the digital age and social media.   So the power of Music and TV was at a different level. I travelled the world, partied, hosted events and shows met Artists!!  Veejays of the time were almost like mini rockstars. 

Utt in Panther Grey Oversized T-Shirt and Pedro Distressed Jeans


FI : Have you always wanted to be in the entertainment industry?

UTT : I accidentally became an entertainer because I was looking for extra money to earn but I was able to see a business side to it .  The whole process of the entertainment industry is all moving parts and there are layers of people who help make the final product whether its tv, music, stage, any type of production come alive.

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FI: You never seem to age, what's your secret?

UTT : I stay happy and positive and have a fun and playful nature.  Plus good genes thanks to my parents.


Utt in Fallen Bomber Jacket and Ryan Oversized T-Shirt


FI : What are you busy with these days?

UTT : I work for a Music Application called Joox ,  I'm the Head of Creative and Content for the video platform feature on Joox in Thailand called JooxLive.  This feature is a video platform that contains shows much like what I did at MTV only now I'm behind the camera :)

FI : Describe your fashion style

UTT : I go with the flow and observe what's around me and what I like, I either like it simple or I like to mix it up.  I don't know what I'll go with sometimes but that's how I surprise myself.  I"m also in a position where I have talented people in the industry around me so there are stylists, hair and make up etc that are there to assist me when I go to events or when I'm working.

FI : If you are compared to a piece of apparel, what would you be, and why?

UTT : I'd be compared to a backpack with lots of compartments,  because there are layers to me and so many different things that's a part of my personality you just have to go take time and get to know it.   

FI : Any shout outs?

UTT : Shout outs to people out there who have supported me throughout my career and shout outs in generally to be true to yourself and be compassionate to your fellow human. 

Initially when I asked Utt if he was able to do the shoot + feature for us, I was honestly thinking it might be a stretch, due to his busy schedule. In fact, some of the times he was in town, we did not get to meet, just cause he doesn't want to trouble his friends too much and also disappoint those that he weren't able to meet.

So imagine my surprise when he said "Yes, why not?"

And seeing him at work ( well, for the shoot and interview) I can see how Utt can stay relevant and still very much sought after, not just as an artiste, but also as someone that is behind the camera.

Bridging the gap between young upstarts and the production team, Utt has beautifully woven his years of experience into a beautiful product that attracts, retains and desirable.

Understanding his work at Joox, made me realise,( and him too), that everytime we meet, new ideas form and creative concepts are actually closer to fruition that we can imagine. 

With new found respect for Utt, I look forward to meeting him ( if he can allow me a time slot) the next time he is in Singapore.

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