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The Zadon UN:CUT

Posted on April 10 2018


This week in UN:CUT, we speak to our good friend Zadon.

Some of you might remember that we have spoken to him not long ago and this time, but this time, we get closer to him and get him to tell us once and for all. 'CAN HE FREESTYLE?'





I remember Zadon as one of the first few members of the GGC, the Grizzle Grind Crew. Brainchild of ShiGGa Shay, Singapore's top rapper, the GGC is the assembly of the best in their discipline, and a collective of musical talents that grows together.

Best known for his beat boxing prowess, The Zadon has now moved onto other things and lately, his Mandarin rap sounds pretty dope.

I have always known Zadon as the good looking beatboxer and he is good natured and funny. Easy going and laid back, Zadon turns into another person when it comes to work. I have seen him gone on days with little or no sleep, just to get the work done.

Like he said in the interview, the hustle is real. Unlike big markets where audience base is huge, and room for growth is massive, musicians in Singapore have to make do with what they have, for a market that is so small that anything that has to be done, has to be done by yourself. 

Hanging out with Zadon and listening to him work his craft is always an inspiration. Beneath his sometimes child-like demeanour and lame jokes, his songwriting skills have been hitting the right notes and the beats, on point. 

I consider myself very fortunate to be surrounded with creative and talented musicians, and to see for myself how they maintain positivity and pushing the scene for local music with nothing but pure passion and love for the art is a constant reminder why we started Flesh Imp.

Zadon have been quiet for a while, and I think he is taking his time to explore his style and evolution. He has also been writing songs for several local and regional singers. He is not too bad himself, writing rhymes in Mandarin, and having heard some of his Chinese rap songs, I dare say he has got it down. I have been keeping one of his unreleased songs on constant replay and I can't wait for that to drop soon. 






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