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FLESH IMP is the top urban street label in Singapore and has been shaping the local scene since 2000. Having seen and grown with the evolution of street wear from street art to urban glam, from ghetto chic to preppy geek, FLESH IMP has set similar trends and seamlessly bridged the worlds of music, design, fashion and positive vibes to deliver beautiful clothing.

Comprised of the founders Vincent and Nicholas, FLESH IMP has simultaneously grown over the decade, and yet stayed true to their founding ethos of creating cool clothes inspired by the urban terrain we call street culture. Street culture does not stand still, and neither does FLESH IMP. Independence is a key part of the success, allowing FLESH IMP to collaborate with global brands such as Adidas, Hypebeast, Andy Howell, Casio G-SHOCK and Canon, among others. Blended with a colorful weave of creativity that is always changing, FLESH IMP continues, to unflinchingly plunge forward into the future. With a full product range that covers from Hats, Tees, Shirts, Polos, Shirts, Berms, Pants, Shades, Bags to Shoes, we aren’t kidding when we tell you we got you covered.