Who we are

For over 20 years, Flesh Imp Clothings has been a leader in design, sourcing, manufacturing garments; creating processes and supply chain solutions. Started out as our own brand in year 2000 and collaborating with global brands from adidas, Canon, Casio, Coca Cola, Red Bull, Samsung and more.

Flesh Imp Clothings is the B2B centerpiece link for progressive fashion brands. We offer you a total solution package with an integrated one-stop service approach, from in-house product design and development, production planning and control, to comprehensive post manufacturing logistics solutions.

Why Flesh Imp

We understand the challenges building a fashion brand and the time required having the right partner to create your product line. Tap into our expertise in design, sourcing with end to end sampling to production to delivery. We offer short lead time, minimized order sizes and high flexibility in variety.

Our team will oversee our factories in China with full control. This allows us to be agile, speeding up the production cycle, get responsive to shifts in demand and capitalize on trends with lightning speed-to-market.

Who Flesh Imp work with

From Fashion Startups, Emerging Private Labels, Online Stores, Fast Pace E-Commerce House Brands, Retail and Departmental Stores, Apparel Wholesale Companies.

Let’s kick start developing your styles!

All we need are your input in either tech-packs or original samples, along with moodbaord, or reference images. And we’ll get the ball rolling from there.